Spot Light 

“Seashore Postcard” has just been released in Gong Qian Yang’s 6th music album “Space and Stars”.

“Dawn-Awakening” (2nd Edition) on 4th album “Lean on Me”. Hope the music brings you freshness and inspiration!

This is preview on Gong Qian Yang’s music for piano, voice and small ensemble titled “Parade - Wave and Clouds”, which is also on Yang’s 4th music album titled “Lean on Me”.

This is a preview on Gong Qian Yang’s 4th music album titled “Lean on Me” which was released in 2014.

On Saturday Jan 21, 2017, Gong Qian Yang’s original music compositions were presented by American Music Festivals,  Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra and Chicago Public Library at 2017 Chicago Chinese New Year Concert, co-sponsored by Chicago Chinatown Chamber of commerce. The conductor,  composer, orchestra, and the wonderful huge crowd of audience, all have been inspired by the music and by the positive, uplifting sentiment created together - The concert,  with the music composed right here in Chicago has received warm standing ovation!

Gong Qian Yang’s  7th album “Sonic Fusion was released in December 2016! In this album, Composer's effort to discover and unlock the emotional meaning of sound waves, pitches including 12 tone rows from a fresh new perspective. Clearly defined pitches & non-defined pitches were both explored in the music process with listener friendly in mind.

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